Astronaut Jazzmaster Leather Black

BODY: Alder
NECK: Maple C Shape
FINISH: All Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish
PICKUP: Retro Tone JM-57 Pickups
BRIDGE: Old Style JM Bridge with Custom Brass Saddles
TREMOLO: Floating tremolo
COLOR:Leather Black

Astronaut Jazzmaster Leather Black
¥185,000(¥199,800 tax included)

Accessory: Tremolo arm

■ A unique piece that was not likely to be present.

Would not it be said that the one who said David · Gilmore style collaboration more simply than combining maple neck with Alder body which is reminiscent of Stratocaster of ’56, and expressing it finely as black pickguard on blackbody? It is the completion of a jazz master who likes the expert as well as rabbits and horns.

It is equipped with the JM – 57 “silhouette” pickup installed only in Astronaut jazz master. I pick up the delicate vibration of the string firmly. The balance of each string is good, and there are delicious points for each front / rear PU.

I use a brass saddle with a groove cut one by one according to the gauge of the string so as not to lose the vibration of the string and the string does not shift even with hard picking. Between strings is set up optimally in 0.1 mm increments, and operability is also outstanding.

■ All-Nitrocellulose lacquer finish
Body color is “Leather Black”. Combining pickguards of the same black with different textures, finished in an appearance that shows a variegated expression depending on lighting and viewing angle.

Of course, it does not provide a soft and thick sanding sealing layer which adversely affects the sound side, it is the same ultrathin nitrocellulose lacquer finish as Old Fender. There is no poor coming out like the manufacturer’s mass-produced goods, there is a good response of expressing firmly the nuance of hand. It grows as a musical instrument enough to wear and you can also enjoy secular change of lacquer.