We manufacture it three times a year. Each application deadline is June 30, October 31, February 28.
For each order, we will deliver it about 6 months after the deadline.
There is a possibility to limit the number of orders if work is up.

■ Model · Grade · Price

 Model Standard Special Blackguard Deluxe
Jazzmaster ¥210,000 ¥280,000 ¥350,000
Tele Master ¥195,000 ¥275,000 ¥350,000
Telecaster ¥185,000 ¥265,000 ¥320,000 ¥350,000
’69TL Thinline ¥215,000 ¥295,000 ¥370,000
Custom Telecaster ¥185,000 ¥265,000 ¥350,000
TElecaster Custom ¥215,000 ¥295,000 ¥370,000
Jaguar ¥280,000 ¥350,000
One Master ¥150,000 ¥235,000 ¥290,000

Consumption tax is charged separately.


・Japanese Tea Green
・Earl Grey
・Pure White
・Desert Sand
・Sakura Pink
・Racing Red
・3 Tone Sunburst
・Lake Placid Blue
・Leather Black
・Monet Blue
・Blue Reef

■Neck Profile

・60’s C
・Old Tele C
・Fat C,
・’57 V,
・Clapton V,
・52 U
・Fat U
・Fat D
・65 Strat
※ Partial grade only selectable

■ How to Order

1. Please contact us by e-mail.
2. I will consult about various options that can be selected.
3. We will deposit money to the designated account (order confirmation).
* We will deposit the full amount at the time of ordering. Payment with the card is also possible (VISA, Master Card only). Those who wish to purchase installments please set on the card side.

We will promptly start manufacturing after payment is confirmed, but arrange for some materials and parts will be arranged after each deadline.
· Cancellation after ordering is not possible.
· The guitar shipping fee is not included in the above price. If delivery is necessary, we will ship by cash on delivery.

■ Comparison of main specifications and grades

 Spec Standard Special Deluxe
Finish nitro-lacquar nitro-lacquar nitro-lacquar
Body color selectable selectable selectable
Neck selectable
– Maple 1pc
Maple with Rosewood
– Flame Maple 1pc
– Flame Maple with Ebony
– Flame Maple 1pc
– Flame Maple with Ebony
Neck Profile C Shape selectable selectable
Neck Roast Option selectable
Pickguard 1ply-4ply 1ply-4ply 1ply-4ply or Gold Anodized Alumi Pickugard
Tuner 2103NS The Clone Tuning Machines for 57 SC 9216 The Clone Tuning Machines for 57 SC 9216
Case Hard Case Hard Case

IMG_4256 IMG_3200