[SOLD] Astronauts One Master 3Tone Sunburst

BODY: Alder
NECK: Maple with Rosewood “Slab” Finger board C shape
FINISH:Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish (Body & Neck)
PICKUP: Retro Tone JM-59 “The Master”
NUT:Bleached white Bone Nut
BRIDGE: Gotoh GE101T with Retro Tone Cone Point Saddle Screws 10mm & 8mm
COLOR:3Tone Sunburst

Astronauts One Master 3Tone Sunburst

Accessory: Tremolo arm

■ Astroanuts “One master”.
Original model “One Master” with only one jazz master pickup in Stratocaster, pursuing as simple a specification as possible.
A combination of alder body and rosewood fretboard maple neck. The dense rosewood which has become less recent in recent years has a very luxurious feeling.
JM – 59 “The Master” of RetroTonePickups is installed at the position designed to extract the best ringing at 1 PU, realizing a thick, nuke – sounding sound with presence.

■ Control
Place volume and tone on stainless steel control panel.
The relation between selector and tone is as follows.
· Position 1: Volume + Tone
· Position 2: Volume only
· Position 3: Volume, Tone Bypass
There is one pickup, but sweet backing that reduced volume and tone at position 1, sharp backing of the same volume at position 2, lead sound of volume and tone full opening at position 3 can be used.

■ All-Nitrocellulose lacquer finish
Body color is “3 Tone Sunburst”. It was equipped with anodized pickguards, and it became a bitter astringent appearance that also leads to prototype jazzmasters.
Since there is no soft and thick sanding sealing layer that gives bad influence to the sound side, it is finished with the same ultrathin nitrocellulose · lacquer as the old fender from the substrate, so there is no poor missing like the manufacturer’s mass production. It grows as a musical instrument enough to wear and you can also enjoy secular change of lacquer.

■ Gottoo made bridge × retro tone made cone point saddle.
Synchronized tremolo adopts GOTO made GOTO which is favorably used around the world with high work precision and press saddle is arranged with a retro tone cone point saddle to organize harmonics and delicate high range and low I am improving musical range. Factory setting is non-floating, springs are set to 5. You can set according to your preference.