[SOLD] Astronauts Jazzmaster 2Tone Sunburst

BODY: Swamp Ash
NECK: Maple C Shape
FINISH: All Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish
PICKUP: Retro Tone JM-57 Pickups
BRIDGE: Old Style JM Bridge with Custom Brass Saddles
TREMOLO: Floating tremolo
COLOR: 2Tone Sunburst

Astronauts Jazzmaster 2Tone Sunburst

Accessory: Tremolo arm

■ A unique piece that was not likely to be present.
’54 Swamp Ash body reminiscent of Swamp Ash body Combination of Maple Neck, 2 Tone Sunburst Combined 1 Pi White Pick Guard Genius full of astringent It is completion of favorite jazzmaster.

We have a JM – 57 “silhouette” pickup which we have offered only for semi – orders so far and pick up the delicate vibration of strings securely. The balance of each string is good, and there are delicious points for each front / rear PU. Especially the sound of the rear PU which fused well with the delicate high frequency peculiar to the floating tremolo and the banging sounds peculiar to the ash body makes a beautiful sound outcoupling.

I use a brass saddle with a groove cut one by one according to the gauge of the string so as not to lose the vibration of the string and the string does not shift even with hard picking. Between strings is set up optimally in 0.1 mm increments, and operability is also outstanding.

I think that you can use ultra-thin nitrocellulose lacquer from the substrate and enjoy the future secular change.