[SOLD] Astronauts Wine Master Rose

BODY: Alder
NECK: Maple with Rosewood “Slab” Finger board C shape
FINISH:Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish
PICKUP: Retro Tone JM-59 “The Master”
NUT:Bleached white Bone Nut

Astronauts Wine Master Rose


Accessory: Tremolo arm

■ Wine-colored Astronauts One Master “Wine Master”.
Original model “One Master” with only one jazz master pickup in Stratocaster, pursuing as simple a specification as possible.
A combination of alder body and rosewood fretboard maple neck. JM – 59 “The Master” of RetroTonePickups is installed at the position designed to extract the best ringing at 1 PU, realizing a thick, nuke – sounding sound with presence.

■ Control
The stainless steel control panel has a hole that allows for future tone expansion etc., so if you remove the cap, you can add pots and jacks.

■ All-Nitrocellulose lacquer finish
The body color is “Rose”. After wood coloring, it goes through a special sanding process, so it looks like brown or purple depending on the viewing angle. Nitro cellulose lacquer finish that does not use sanding sealer is very paint thin and does not disturb the sounding of wood part. There is no poor coming out like the manufacturer’s mass-produced goods, and it expresses the nuance of hand firmly. It grows as a musical instrument enough to wear and you can also enjoy secular change of lacquer.

The reddish wood grain appears on the bass chord side of the finger board, which, coupled with the body color, helps the personality of this guitar.

Combining the white pearl and pick guard of a vintage style calm tone, it finished in looks full of luxury.